Engine Oil Disposal

Home Engine Oil Disposal

Carrying out a basic service is easy, organising engine oil disposal can be a pain. So we decided to take care of it for our customers.

When you use RaceService for a service, repair or modification we will dispose of your rubbish and engine oil and ensure it is recycled and processed properly.

Oil drainer and engine oil disposal at RaceService

It is illegal to dump used oil down the drain, toilet or in standard garbage. Although it looks dirty, it can be cleaned and re-used. It can even be re-refined into a lubricant that can often be of a higher quality product than before it was first used.

When you choose our car hoist hire package you can raise your car up, use our oil drainer to catch your used oil and leave it with us for responsible disposal.

We can also arrange your replacement oil to be available for when you arrive.

Just let us know the parts you need when you make your booking and we’ll have them here.

Working on your car is easy at RaceService.