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Looking for a place to work on your car?  RaceService is your DIY car workshop!

We provide the space, tools and equipment that allow you to carry out all your automotive maintenance and repairs.

DIY Auto Repair Workshop

Ranging from replacing broken headlights and bumpers, to swapping out a whole front end, our customers have carried out a range of DIY auto repairs to their cars.

We have full mechanics tool kits as well as specialist tools to fit every job.

DIY Car Service Workshop

From a basic oil and filter change to a major service, RaceService is the place for you.

Whether you have the know-how yourself or know a mechanic who can complete the work, we will supply the space and tools to do your own car service and we will dispose of your oil and rubbish afterwards!

Full Mechanics Tool Set

We have professional grade mechanics tools for you to use, including a 254 piece trade quality tool kit, compressed air line, oil drainer, engine crane and a whole range of specialist tools. Check out our mechanics tool hire section for more information.

Parts Sourcing

When you book in to RaceService, we can help you by organising any parts you might need for your service or repair.

Through our network of suppliers and partners, we can source the right parts for you and have them waiting for your when you arrive.

DIY car workshop for services and car repair