If you love your car and enjoy working on it yourself, if you want to save some money on your regular servicing costs; then RaceService can provide you with everything you need to get the job done, and get it done right.

RaceService has the tools, the space, and the specialist equipment for you to undertake all your servicing, restoration, and modification needs to your car, bike or boat.

You can change the oil, fit new shocks, or do a complete engine rebuild. There will be plenty of space to work and you will have access to everything you would find in a professional mechanic’s auto repair shop.

We will even take care of your waste oil, tyre disposal and rubbish, and we ensure that it is recycled correctly. RaceService is the man cave that you have always wanted, at your fingertips, on demand whenever you need it.

RaceService DIY Automotive Workshop For The Enthusiast Or Professional Mechanics.
With a DIY car workshop you can hire, you’ll have access to:

  • A complete set of mechanics tools & equipment

  • A car hoist

  • Separate service bay

  • Engine oil disposal

  • Specialist tools and fabrication area

  • We can even arrange your parts for you

  • Fabrication workshop & specialist tools

  • Disposal of waste oil and fluids

DIY Car Service

No one will ever care for your car like you do, so why would you trust others to complete your service work? Changing the oil, filters, and other fluids can be done quickly and cheaply with the products you prefer.


Ever wanted to restore a classic but don’t have the space at home? Older cars can require special attention, so if you are just starting a restoration or you have a classic that requires attention we have the equipment to do it right.


Think your car is too quiet? Too high? Too slow? At RaceService you can get that hella flush look or perhaps build that Race Car or Hot Rod that you have always wanted to build. We have all the tools and experience you are looking for.

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